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5 Interactive Content Models for Social Media Marketing

In doing social media marketing in the digital era like today, businesses need interesting content in order to attract consumers. You could say that this content is a powerful weapon to make your brand known by the target market. Therefore, the following interactive content models can be tried in business promotion.
Interactive Content Model for Social Media

Content such as livestreaming is a must that should not be missed when marketing on social media. You might consider focusing on promoting something during the stream. The goal is to get leads and directly engage with the audience.
Here, there are many platforms that you can use to do livestreams. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, to TikTok. Unfortunately some platforms make your content disappear after the live stream ends. For that, you can explain to followers on social media that the streaming is exclusively live.

Infographic content can be an interesting thing to do social media marketing. Because this type of content is very interactive, which is able to make the audience engage with your content. It’s just that creating infographic content does take a long time. Because you need to determine the topic to be discussed, do data research, and visualize it.

3.Polls and Surveys
You can conduct polls and surveys to get more detailed information about consumer feedback, related to the products or services provided in the business. For example, polls on Instagram Stories have a choice of answers, while surveys tend to have more questions than polls.

Actually Q&A in general is almost similar to polls and surveys. Here you can create interactive content through Q & A Instagram Stories. This method is fairly easy, because you can do it quickly without having to think about the design first. It’s just that you need to prepare interesting question ideas, so that the audience wants to be involved and participate.

5.VR Content
Virtual reality or VR is one of the big trends at the moment. It’s no wonder that social media marketing carried out by business people uses VR-type content, in order to see an increase in engagement. This content model can help make your brand stand out so that it is very powerful, it’s just that more budget is needed to make it look attractive.
Creating interesting content like the model above is not as easy as it seems. Moreover, maintaining the interactive content to continue to connect with consumers. Therefore, using professional digital marketing services will give you many advantages. For example, you can use experienced services such as WEBARQ Digital Agency. Click Here for more info.


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